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Whose is it?

When a parcel shows up at your business without an individual’s name on it, shipping/receiving or a receptionist often spends a significant amount of time figuring out who ordered it. And chances are, Accounts Payable is also wasting time hunting down who an invoice originated from.

While you likely have multiple vendors with regular shipments – that your staff know exactly how to process – inevitably packages also arrive that only one or two people know what to do with – and all too often it takes considerable time to find out who those are.

Is It Yours?

Phoning around, texting, emailing – asking other staff if they were expecting something from XYZ Company. It wastes a lot of time.

And not just their time, but the time of everyone that they interrupt. 

In a busy office, letting different staff know that their various orders have arrived can take a while, and can often delay staff from receiving rush shipments.

These aspects combined can easily represent many hours of lost productivity each and every month.

How can this be avoided? And is there an easy solution?

Easy to use tracking for orders / shipments / parcels / packages - whatever you receive!

Streamline your business

KnowWhose helps you implement an easy process for handling all the “one-off” orders that arrive at your business. Whenever any staff member orders something or becomes aware of a parcel being shipped to them, they can quickly add it to KnowWhose.

Adding a shipment to KnowWhose only takes a few seconds.  Your name, location, and email address is pre-populated by your login. Frequently used vendors can be selected from a dropdown or you can manually type in any vendor. The date expected can be quickly chosen from a calendar, and you can quickly select the shipping carrier and insert a tracking number if supplied by the vendor. You have the option to include any notes, and then upon pressing “Add”, the order is immediately listed in your company’s dedicated KnowWhose database.

All the pending shipments your staff are waiting for are displayed on the main screen, and can be sorted by name, vendor, location, date ordered, date expected, etc. The powerful search functionality lets you find a specific order, as well as locate any orders from a particular vendor or for a certain person or location. Searching begins as you type, so often entering just a few characters will filter down the entries to exactly what you are looking for.

Adding tracking numbers and notes later on, or changing details regarding your shipment, can be done by simply clicking the edit icon. When a tracking number has been included, simply clicking on it will display tracking details provided by the courier, eliminating the need to keep an order confirmation email handy for tracking your shipment. Yet another aspect that KnowWhose streamlines.

When a courier makes a delivery to your business, whether it is your shipping/receiving or reception staff handling the parcels, they can simply look at the shipping label and type the vendor name or a few digits of the tracking number to locate the shipment. KnowWhose also supports barcode scanners, so if the tracking number was included, simply scanning the barcode will locate the shipment. Simply clicking the “Arrived” icon causes the shipment to vanish from the pending page and an email is automatically sent to the person who ordered it, notifying them the package has arrived. No longer is there a need to manually write an email to the intended recipient or to leave them a voicemail.

If you toggle to the History view, all the shipments that have been marked arrived will now be shown, with the same sorting and searching functionality. This can be particularly helpful for Accounts Payable, who may have received an invoice without a contact name or PO number, and this enables to them quickly see who has ordered from a particular vendor recently.

KnowWhose improves communication by giving all staff an at-a-glance view of incoming and recent shipments. And because KnowWhose improves efficiency for everyone using it, and can even be used on tablets and smartphones, you should have little hassle getting adoption from staff.

With a negligible cost per user, we’ve tried to ensure that pricing is not a barrier for any business.

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Packing Slips?

If you need to be opening boxes and looking at the contents or packing slips to try to figure out who the package is for, you could be saving time with KnowWhose.



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KnowWhose allows you to add and manage user accounts on your own, but as an added bonus, we’ll send you a simple Excel file to list all the staff that you would like us to setup for you. Whether you have 5 staff or 100+ staff, for no additional charge we will take care of it for you – saving you time!

You will also have direct access to an account manager to ensure your satisfaction.

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